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When Dr. Seuss meets Mozart
If Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Dr. Seuss traversed the centuries that separate them to collaborate on a piece, it would be “Green Eggs and Hamadeus.” Just as the combinatory title suggests, Rob Kapilow’s “Green Eggs and Hamadeus” merges performance and audience, tradition and innovation, and—of course—Mozart and Dr. Seuss.

As a presentation of the “Celebrity Series of Boston,” an organization founded to further the performing arts in Boston, this original work comes to Boston University’s Tsai Performance Center with the aim of bringing classical music to life, even for children.

Kapilow, nicknamed the “Pied Piper of classical music,” aims to help audiences of all ages and backgrounds to make connections to the music that often seems esoteric and boring. “Green Eggs and Hamadeus” is one of the most recent pieces composed, conducted, and commentated by Kapilow, and it truly succeeds in making the music accessible and fun to viewers—ranging from squirmy, eager five-year olds to their grandparents.

In his quest to demonstrate music as “telling a story with no words, just notes,” Kapilow spends the first half of the 1-hour performance explaining the intricate mechanics behind Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik.”

Asking the audience to clap the rhythm and sing the tune with a series of “bum” and “bo-da-ga-bum,” Kapilow helps the audience become more familiar with the music. After the.........................

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