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How YouTube is transforming classical music
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Video saved the classical stars

Anderson and Roe 10:32am GMT 11th October 2013

On a chilly April night, we found ourselves on the shore of a secluded California beach. We weren’t there to contemplate the stars above or to take a leisurely stroll; we were knee-deep in the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean, bashing out chords in jagged rhythms upon an exquisite vintage organ originating from 1878 (which we had dragged into the waters with us). Not only were we giving an alfresco maritime performance in the pitch dark of night, we were sans garments … and every moment of this wild spectacle was being captured on film. It should be noted that this was no high-budget shoot; our modest ‘crew’ consisted of a camera operator and three friends who served as makeshift assistants, wielding flashlights, throwing us a towel in between harried takes, and eventually plunging into the crashing waves with us as we proceeded to submerge the instrument deeper into the ocean, risking camera lenses, mobile phones, and any semblance of safety in the process.

If all of this sounds crazy—it was. In fact, we were nearly conquered by Nature’s unfathomable power when a massive wave thrust the organ directly into Greg’s foot, ripping off his large toenail and causing him to nearly pass out from the pain. Not only were we fighting the elements, but also our fears, common sense, and limits of body and will.

Why would we put ourselves in such a situation? And how has such a scenario become almost ‘typical’ for the two of us?

To put it simply, we are utterly passionate about making music videos, and in creating these videos the music always serves as our guide: whatever the music inherently requires, we must heed the call. The composition that pushed us to such dangerous heights is (appropriately) Igor Stravinsky’s eternally radical Rite of Spring, which celebrates its centennial this year.


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