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U.S. Debut for Branagh's 'The Magic Flute'
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Opera on Film

After Kenneth Branagh's film production of Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" was shot in 2006, it was released around the world—but it couldn't find a U.S. distributor.

Since then, however, institutions like the Metropolitan Opera in New York have developed a successful business model for opera broadcasts in the U.S., pulling in thousands of opera lovers nationwide for live broadcasts and limited screening events.

Revolver Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based film distributor, hopes to capitalize on this newfound opera audience when it presents the U.S. debut of Mr. Branagh's "Magic Flute" with Emerging Pictures, which serves a network of theaters. On Sunday and Tuesday, the film will appear on about 160 American movie screens and be released on DVD, Amazon and iTunes. (For locations, go to http://www.magicflutemovie.com)


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