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Scavenger Hunt
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Author: Phyllis Freeman
Classroom Activity

School Music Teachers,

Would you like your students to do something productive on days that you have a subtitute?  Or do you want your students to expand their musical horizons?  Then how about giving them this scavenger hunt?  All the answers can be found on www.ClassicalMusicCity.com  All of our content goes through administrative approval before posting.  Only reliable and child appropriate content is seen in the CITY.  If you would like an answer key, send a request to info@classicalmusiccity.com and we will send both the questions and the answer key in a word doc format so that you can edit as you like.


ClassicalMusicCity.com Scavenger Hunt


All of the questions below can be answered by clicking on the various buildings in the map entering buildings or by the use of keywords on www.ClassicalMusicCity.com  Also, use the search box in the upper left hand corner of the page.  Enter in keywords, select which database you want to search (or leave it at “all”) and select “exact words.”


Who’s Who?

Name 2 African-American opera singers.  (Hint: Search "African American")

Who was the first American conductor of a major American orchestra? (Hint: Search “American Conductor”)

Besides conducting, he was also a ___________________. 

Name the comedian who played the harp.  (Hint: He worked with his brothers and his name sounds like his instrument.

Name three women who are the conductors of a professional symphony orchestra.   (Hint:  Search keywords "women conductors")

Who is Victor Borge?

What kind of music does Wynton Marsalis play?

Name two major performers whose names are a bit repetitive.  (Hint: one plays cello and the other plays piano)

Name 5 major (instrumentalists or vocalists)  Optional:  list the URL’s of their videos.

Who is ASIMO?  

Evelyn Glennie is a famous percussionist, in spite of the fact that she is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________.


Music Industry

When a piece of music is used in a commercial or movie the composer and/or performers are paid.  This form of payment is called a ___________.   (Hint: this term can also be used to refer to a monarch like a king or queen)

Name 3 jobs in the classical music industry that are not primarily about performing or teaching.  (Hint: click on the “Jobs” tab.)   

Name two organizations, guilds, or associations that represent and advocate for performing artists(Hint:  Search in the community center.)

What does a foundation do? 

Name two foundations.  (Hint:  Search in the Marketplace >>>Services>>>Service Organizations)



What is the world’s oldest musical instrument?  (Hint: It is a member of the woodwind family, search the word “prehistoric.”)  


Name only instrument to use a “slide” mechanism to play notes.  (Hint: member of the brass family)


Name 3 instruments that are not normally found in an orchestra or band.  (Hint: Search the category “rare and unusual instruments” in the Movie Theater.)


How many feet of tubing does a trombone have?  


How many hours does it take to make a trombone? 

Name two famous violin makers of the 18th century.     (Hint: search “Italian Violin”)

Find the piano that was just invented and looks like it has “exploded.”  What is it called? Hint: Search "weird piano"

Name two “early violins.” 

Find other “unusual’ instruments.  Hint: Search the Library>>Rare and Unusual Instruments.

What instrument did Benjamin Franklin invent? 




Name 3 medical conditions that might affect a singer or musicians ability to perform. (Hint: Search the Medical Center)

What does an “audiologist” do? 



What year was (Beethoven) born?  (Hint: Search "composer dates")

A group called "StringFever" did a video about the                              without using words.     

Name the 6 major historical style periods.  (Hint: Search the phrase “What a Wonderful World”)  

Name one of the two French composers who wrote in the “impressionism” period and style. (Hint: Visit the Library or search the word “impressionism”))

Opus, Kochel, RV, Deutsche, BWV all refer to what?



Find a three letter word that refers to the opera house in New York City. 

Name 3 videos that are “spoofs” on opera(Hint: Go to the Movie Theater and click on the category "cartoons.")

What is a “libretto?”

What is the name of the famous “Italian Opera House” in Milan? 

Name two operas written by the German composer, Richard Wagner.




Find pieces named after animals.   

Who holds the violin world speed record? 

Name 3 ensembles or soloists who perform in an “alternative” style and list the URL’s of their videos, articles, news, links.  (Hint: Go to the Movie Theater and search in the alternative styles category)


Search the City Map

On the map:  Which building looks like a trumpet?   

All the street lights look like ________.  

What is the instrument on the front of the Movie Theater? 

 Why does the Opera House have horns?   Hint: Search the keyword "Brunhilde" (This image seemed to be fed off of the popular culture of its day with Richard Wagner’s massive opera 'Ring des Nibelungen'. This is a helmet worn by Brunhilde, one of the Valkyries (warrior daughters of Wotan, who carry the valiant Viking dead up to Valhalla)

Which three buildings look like music notation symbols? 


Science and Recording Technology

“Reverb” is an abbreviation of what word?           What does it mean?        (Hint: Search under “Acoustics” in the Science and Technology Building)

Who invented the phonograph?      What is a phonograph?   (Hint: Search in “Engineering” in the Science and Technology Building)

Which company created a robot that can play the violin and trumpet and other musical instruments?



You Decide

Pick three of your favorite videos in the CITY and give those videos a rating.  Copy and paste the URL’s of those videos here:





Make comments on three items.  You can choose from news, articles or links.  Copy and paste the URL’s of those comments here:





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