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About Nick Kendall
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best known for the “garage band” string trio, Time for Three

Nick Kendall didn’t dilly-dally: 36 months out of the womb, he was wielding a fiddle and bow.

Think about where you were at 36 months.

On second thought, don’t … unless you consider the final stages of potty-training on equal par.

Best known as one-third of the “garage band” string trio Time for Three, Nick will be displaying the violin prowess that began fresh from the crib 31 years ago.

It’s a prowess without boundaries, able to bounce from J.S. Bach to Kanye West in the pluck of a string.

Even in child-prodigy terms, 3 is about as young as it gets for budding musicians, he admits, since the urge to play can only be realized when said prodigy can physically handle the instrument.

It didn’t hurt the process that Nick’s paternal grandfather, John Kendall, is the man credited with bringing the famed Suzuki music teaching method to the United States.

Nick, a Japanese-American, was an automatic recipient of same.

“My grandfather had come to Japan after studying in Germany before World War II,” his grandson recalls of the family’s connection to the country.

It was in the post-war era that violinist Shin’ichi Suzuki (1898-1998) began...

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