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My Kind of Town by Leonard Slatkin
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My Kind of Town

By Leonard Slatkin

The former mayor has been sent to prison. The city now has an emergency financial manager. Parts of downtown present images that resemble Berlin in 1945.

These details are what make the headlines day in, day out. Detroit would seem to be the one place not to be.

But the city I know paints quite a different picture for its inhabitants and visitors.

My venue is Orchestra Hall, just a scant half-mile away from the Canadian border. Neighbor to our sports arenas, historic theaters and new businesses, the Max M. Fisher Music Center is home to the 125-year-old Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Two years ago a very bitter, public work stoppage took place and a vast majority of cultural commentators wrote it off as yet another coffin in the city's ever-growing graveyard. We were the new ground zero for the continued decline of the arts. Nationally, other organizations were experiencing similar troubles, but none seemed worse than in the Motor City.


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