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Stepping Sideways, Violin Repertoire Favorites
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Suggestions for repertoire for violin teachers


List Prepared for ASTA National Conference Session:  Stepping Sideways

Things to consider when navigating a course of development for a student who is new to your studio.

     March 2, 2013   Providence, RI

List compiled by:

Rebecca Henry, Moderator   Faculty, Violin Pedagogy, Peabody Conservatory Chair, Peabody Preparatory String Department Director, Peabody Pre-Conservatory Violin Program and Viola Faculty, Gettysburg College Sunderman Conservatory

Phyllis Freeman                   Director, Maryland Talent Education Center,   CEO ClassicalMusicCity.com

Andrea Priester Houde        Viola Faculty, West Virginia University

Shelley Beard Shleigh        Suzuki Academy Department Head; Master Faculty, Music School of Delaware   

Christian Tremblay           Violin Faculty, University of Maryland Baltimore County   Coordinator:           Peabody Performance Academy


Sideways Repertoire - Intermediate Level    (Vivaldi  Concerto in a minor-Accolay Concerto)


                        Composer/Piece                                                     Annotations

Perlman:  Concertino, mvt. 3

Martele and detache bowings, legato middle section, uses a harmonic minor fingering patterns

Gabriel-Marie:  La Cinquantaine*

Shifting from 1st to 3rd positions, great for working in the lower 1/2 of the bow and on bow distribution.

Mollenhauer:  Infant Paganini*

Shifting from 1st to 3rd positions, rhythmic subdivision transitions from  8ths to triplets to 16th notes , string crossings, harmonics, great for working on tone production and vibrato.

Kuchler: Concertino in the Style of Vivaldi

Excellent for building tone production via detache bowings in 1st mvt., Legato in very short 2nd mvt. and martele in short 3rd mvt., string crossings

Telemann: Concerto in G Major

String crossings, simple double stops, 1st-3rd-4th positions.

Senaille:  Allegro Spiritoso*

Martele and detache bow strokes, 1st-3rd-5th positions, trills, transitions from d minor to D major,

Bohm: Sarabande*

Chords, 1st to 3rd positions, lots of spots to work on breathing and giving cues, martele

Dancla:  Air Varie Nos. 1, 3, 5

Chords, 1st to 3rd positions, lots of spots to work on breathing and giving cues, martele

Portnoff:  Russian Fantasy No. 2

Legato bowings on each string, spiccato, string crossings with the wrist, chords.

Rieding:  Concerto in a minor "Hungarian"

Bow retakes at frog, syncopation, changes of character/tempo, 1st-3rd positions, students love the energy of this piece. 

Severn:  Polish Dance*

Up bow chords, double stops in 1st and 3rd positions, 1st through 5th positions, mini "cadenza",  changes in character/mood.

Mozart:  "Adelaide" Concerto in D major

Probably written by Marius Casadesus, but still gives students an opportunity to explore the classical style. Lots of 5th position.  Piece can be played all on the string, no spiccato required.

*Also available for viola from www.oneworldstrings.com


Sideways Repertoire  -  Early Advanced




Kreisler: Tempo de Menuetto

Whole Bow, detaçhé  - great for establishing basic bow strokes and 3rd/5th position shifting.

Haydn: Concerto No. 2 in G

Great first classical concerto; minimal spiccato

Mozart: Concerto No. 2 in D

Good to teach before Nos. 3, 4, 5

Haydn: Concerto No. 1 in C

Valuable between romantic concerti, or with someone who has played Mozart Concerti and needs more classical bow work.

Handel Sonatas


Tartini: Sonata in g minor


Bach: Concerto No. 2 in E

Detaché stroke, intonation, facility

Paradis: Sicilienne

Slow, early advanced

Veracini Largo

Short, slow, good for vibrato and phrasing

Svendsen Romance

Beautiful, can fit anywhere in the advance levels

Viotti Concerto No. 23 in G

Excellent bow work, hooked bows, shifting, extensions.  All the basics are here

Kreisler: Minuet in the Style of Porpora

Bow work (a bit under tempo)

Sarasate: Playera

Slow, for tone, vibrato, phrasing

Vivaldi: Spring, or any Season

Great music, basic bow strokes

Sarasate: Romanza Andaluza

Lyrical, with some double stops

Rode: Concerto No. 8

Left hand virtuosity

Viotti Concerto No. 22 in a minor

Romantic, double stops in 3rds

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