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ClassicalMusicCity.com is now offering special premium memberships that allow you to purchase classified ads in bulk at a discounted rate. Premium members will also receive exclusive offers for other special promotional opportunities too!

It is simple and easy.   Create your classified ad management account with just a username, email and password, select your membership level and start creating ads today.  Promote your events, products, services, jobs, auditions and announcements to thousands across the globe.  Ads cost as little as $3.00 each and can be placed for up to 1 year.

Your classified ad will appear in "slider boxes" as seen below at multiple levels throughout the site. When a visitor clicks on the title they are taken to a "details" page that can show text, video, photos, files, google maps and paypal payment links.   Visitors can also "like" your ad on their Facebook page or Tweet about it.

Ads can be placed in the following categories:   Events, Marketplace, Sheet Music, Jobs, Auditions, Services and Personals.

classified ad

Premium members will also receive special offers on discounts on banner ads, newsletter sponsorships and more.

Get started now.  Click here.


Questions??  Contact us at advertise@classicalmusiccity.com

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