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The failure of HMV is both sad and inevitable
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HMV: The failure of HMV is both sad and inevitable

The decline of HMV, the last of the superstore music chains, signifies the beginning of the end of an era, writes Neil McCormick.

11:06AM GMT 15 Jan 2013

What would you miss about browsing in a record store? The long rows of albums, stacked in their hundred and maybe thousands, racks and racks of colourful sleeves, arranged alphabetically and by genre, fingers moving through the stack in search of some sought after gem at the right price, or just a moment of inspiration or nostalgia as you contemplate a personal favourite, before slipping it back in with a sigh, and moving on. A good record store is like a holy space for a music fan, where you can luxuriate in longing and nostalgia, filled with the warm sense of being somewhere your musical obsession is treated as venerable and even sacred. Where all that music buzzing around your head and in your heart is displayed as an actual, physical reality, something you can touch as well as listen to.

Well those days are going … going … almost gone.


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