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The best classical music apps
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The best classical music apps

Thu 6th December 2012

Helping you to find the perfect app to give or to receive this Christmas. By Charlotte Gardner

For those not seduced by social networking on the go, high-resolution camera phones or carrying the office in their pocket, there is still one fast-developing aspect of the smartphone and tablet computer revolution that absolutely everyone can be interested in. Apps. Abbreviated from 'applications', 'apps' are computer software that can be downloaded to your smartphone, computer or other electronic device. Controlled by screen touch, the vast majority are highly interactive – much like a computer game – and there's now an app for pretty much any subject area you might be interested in. 

In classical music, apps are revolutionising life for everyone. Students can teach and test themselves in ways that are often considerably more fun than staring at a theory book. Meanwhile, performers no longer need to strike tuning forks on music stands, because their smartphones can tune their instruments to a much greater accuracy. For both budding and serious composers, music notation apps are perhaps the most exciting development: professionals can compose away from their desktop and transfer their work later, whilst students suddenly have the option of a high-quality composition tool for a fraction of the price of desktop packages such as Sibelius.


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