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Alison Balsom and Trevor Pinnock, interview
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Alison Balsom and Trevor Pinnock, interview

For the virtuoso trumpeter Alison Balsom it was a dream to work with Trevor Pinnock on her new album, and the musical director agrees they are 'kindred spirits’. They tell Adam Sweeting why.

7:00AM BST 18 Oct 2012

How should the thoroughly modern musician address the reputation for fuddy-duddiness that dogs classical music? It’s a problem that trumpeter Alison Balsom has given plenty of thought to, and she has come up with several strategies. For instance, unlike some of her contemporaries, she positively embraces the glare of publicity.

“The marketing part of it is to play on a breakfast TV show, but when I do it I try to do it to the highest possible artistic level,” she explains, over afternoon tea at the fashionable Charlotte Street Hotel. “Viewers might never come to my concerts but they might be watching TV, and they might think: 'I didn’t expect that but it sounds great.’ The important thing is that you never compromise the quality of the music-making.”


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