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Plácido Domingo leads an uptempo life
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Plácido Domingo leads an uptempo life

The world-famous tenor and L.A. Opera general director performs in Costa Mesa, on 'Dancing With the Stars,' at Dodger Stadium, then onward.

Miked, coiffed and dusted with TV makeup, the world's busiest opera tenor was ready for his close-up.

"Welcome, Katherine Jenkins, back to the ballroom," barked the "Dancing With the Stars" announcer, "along with the amazing Plácido Domingo, who's just as gorgeous!"

It was a balmy October evening at CBS Television City studios on Beverly Boulevard last week, and a surreal mash-up of the famous (Kirstie Alley, Emmitt Smith) and would-be famous were squaring off in an "all-star" edition of ABC's hit dance-contest whack-a-thon.

With split-second prime-time precision, three chandeliers descended from the studio's rafters and a string quartet magically materialized on stage.


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