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Youth jamboree is a glorious riposte to pessimism
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Proms 2012: youth jamboree is a glorious riposte to pessimism

The doomsayers are wrong, says Ivan Hewett – young people are not all in thrall to pop, and the Proms 2012 proves it.

The Proms always celebrates youth, but this season it is a veritable cornucopia. We have already had the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, three conservatoire orchestras and the Aldeburgh World Orchestra. This weekend there is a youth invasion, with four national youth orchestras, two national youth choirs and half a dozen other groups. Later in the season the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, the National Youth Jazz Band and the National Youth Wind Orchestra are appearing. Put together, all these must amount to the population of a small town.

It’s a cheering prospect, which brings together two great anxieties of the age and presents them in a hopeful light: youth, and classical music.


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