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Scientist Discovers Opera Singing Skills
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Author: Charlie Cooper
Jayson Khun-Dkar discovers opera singing skills after television experiment

Last year Jayson Khun-Dkar read an advert in a newspaper while sitting on the bus. At the time, he could not read a single musical note and his experience as a singer amounted to a few bravado karaoke performances, which, though highly commended by his friends, gave no clue to an extraordinary talent lying dormant within. Today, Jayson Khun-Dkar is an opera singer.

Out of more than 900 people who responded to the advert, an invitation to take part in a scientific experiment to find people’s hidden talents, Jayson, a 34-year-old scientist, engineer and charity worker, was found to have the latent potential to sing opera at the highest level.

Now he has performed with professional singers in a production of La Boheme and hopes to build a musical career in a genre he calls “operatic rock”. Last night, his story was broadcast as part of the Channel 4 documentary Hidden Talents.

“After replying to the advert, I got called in to do all sorts of weird and wonderful tests,” he told The Independent. “We were blindfolded and told to find our way out of a room, we did.....

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Jayson Khun-Dkar

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