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Theraputic Flute Note
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Renowned flautist Pandit Ronu Mazumdar has composed a special healing note that works as a reliever for patients suffering from stress and mental agony.

 theraputic flute


"I have seen God through music, and composed a flute note comprising different ragas which provides a feeling of bliss and peace and serves as a "lifeline" for patients suffering from agony, tension, or stress in life," Pandit Mazumdar told reporters today. "Dhyana, Samadhi, and Moksh are three stages of this 'Lifeline' album that is being used at a hospital in Pune by doctors where some patients have given up pain killers and other sedative drugs," he claimed. "Yesterday on my visit there, I am told that some of the patients cried after listening to it. Doctors call it music therapy." Besides providing mental peace and harmony, the album would also give a boost to personality development, Mazumdar who received the 5th Dr Madhurita Sarang Music Award in Pune yesterday, said. "Soul and brain need peace as a dose, and my flute music is playing a catalyst through specially the formed note,"

Mazumdar, who recently dedicated ten songs of Rabindra Nath Tagore in an album 'Timeless Tagore' on his 150th anniversary said. On fusion of western and Indian music, Ronu da, as he is populary known in his circle, said it was always good till the musical "purity" is maintained by performers to the satisfaction of listeners. "It should not be composed like fast food, he added. He said Rashid Khan's 'aaoge jab tum sajna, angna phool khilenge' is the best fusion and should be taken as a lesson by young musicians who want to do something new.


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