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Classified Ads
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Create and Post your own classified ads on CMC!


Classified ads are a great, inexpensive way to promote a specific service, product, concert or other music event.  Also post job openings, audition notices or personal announcements. It can cost as little as 15 to 25 cents per view.*

Classified ads appear to site visitors in "slider boxes."  When they click on the title or image, they are taken to a details page.


The following are available on the details page, FREE of charge.

  • Product Description
  • Video Embed
  • Paypal link (all financial transactions are between you and the client.)
  • Google map
  • Upload Files (inlcuding mov, html, avi, xls, pdf, mp3, etc.)
  • Upload Photos
  • Facebook "Like" and Twitter "Tweet" buttons.
  • Unique search fields for each category and geographical search capability

For an additional fee, ads can be given priority placement within the slider box located on the splash page** and/or within a main category or sub-category.   Ads can also be highlighted.

*Based upon typical ad placement during 2011.  Coupling classified ads with social network promotions (Twitter, etc.) lowers the cost per view.

**Splash page priority placement is only available for jobs, products and events.




Creating classified ads is "self-service" and simple.  Just click here then create an account with just your username, email and password.  Once you are logged into your account, it takes only about 1-2 min. to create each classified.   

  • You are in complete control of your ad. You can manage, edit, delete ads at any time. 
  • Ads can run in increments of 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 and 365 days.
  • You select your keywords and anchor text.
  • You can check the number of page views your ad has received at any time by just visiting your ad on the site. 
  • You will receive automatic notification when your ad expires.




Classified ads can be placed in main categories and sub-categories* as follows:


EVENTS: (main category)

Sub-Categories: Concerts, Recitals, Festivals, Workshops, Masterclasses, Institutes, Conferences, Classes


JOBS:  (main category)

Sub-Categories: Arts administration, Accompanists, Instrument Technology, Library Science, Box Office, Internships, Teaching


AUDITIONS: (main category) 

Sub-Categories: All instruments, voices, orchestra, band, choir, opera, conducting.


SERVICES:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: Instrument repair, piano tuning and moving, recording, financial, educational, travel, health and wellness, etc.


MARKETPLACE:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: buy or sell instruments, uniforms, music stands, lighting, recording equipment, recordings (MP3/CD), DVDs,


SHEET MUSIC:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: Buy or sell sheet music for all genres and instruments.  Categorized by conductor, solo artists, major ensembles, etc.


PERSONALS:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: Announce appointments, competition winners, premiers, find chamber music and concert companions, post obituaries.

*This is just a quick reference of a few of the hundreds of sub-categories available.  Complete lists are available upon request.


Want to create 10 or more ads or utilize a variety of CMC advertising products?  Contact Us. to discuss volume discount packages!

Create your ad management account now.



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