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Why Advertise on CMC?
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8 Reasons to advertise on this site.

Why Advertise on ClassicalMusicCity?


1.  Reach a highly educated, highly concentrated, highly targeted demographic.

2. Clean, sophisticated, appropriate content, both in what CMC offers and in the advertisers it features.

3. Safe, family-orientated content that is interesting to all age groups including teenagers and that all important 18-36 year old demographic.

4. Unique and targeted sponsorship opportunities, including

  •    Video Leads
  •    Guest Author articles
  •    Classified ads  for Events, Products, Sheet Music, Jobs, Auditions, Personals, Services    
  •    Newsletter Sponsorships
  •    Detail Page Sponsorships
  •    Customized Ad Campaigns
  •    Weekly Headlines
  •    Banner Ads


5. Social networking support:  Twitter, FaceBook, Blog, YouTube, MetaCafe

6. Competitive rates.

7. Fresh content daily, which keeps visitors returning.  Over 2,100,000 page views in 2011

8. Branding campaigns that work hand in hand with specific product promotions.


For more information about advertising opportunities on ClassicalMusicCity.com, Contact Us.

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