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What Makes CMC Special?
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Why you should advertise on ClassicalMusicCity.com

What makes us special?

·        Our social network provides unique profile questions that allow members to be placed in our numerous directories where they are easily searchable by those looking for their special services and skills


·        The CMC search engine allows visitors to search by topic, keyword and/or geographical region.  Or a visitor can use the advanced search option and search by specific parameters, like composer/conductor/orchestra in the concert listings or by ensemble/publisher/genre in the sheet music department.


·        We maintain strict quality control standards, so only the best and only appropriate, non-offensive content finds a home on CMC


·        A fun, user-friendly interface that features a clever "map of the city" that has 15 whimsical buildings, each one featuring different content related to the theme of the building.  (Opera House, Concert Hall, Music School, etc.)


·        Exclusive and fresh content.  Much of the content on CMC can only be found on CMC.  This includes video and articles which are created, written and produced by CMC.  New content is added daily.


·        The site was created and is maintained by experts and professionals who are actively employed in the classical music industry, who know and understand the needs and desires of the classical music community.


·        Enormous amounts of information, efficiently organized.  (100,000 pages and growing daily!)


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