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Tunes for Interval Recognition
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Author: Jeffrey Agrell
Using Familiar Tunes for Interval Recognition

Classical musicians sometimes miss terrific musical riches and resources right under there own noses: plenteous, powerful, familiar, and fun. I’m referring to familiar tunes and songs. We just harnessed their power in creating the Song-O-Nome – quick & easy ways to come up with a fairly accurate metronome marking using familiar tunes. Now we are going to use these tunes to help our ear training and memory in another way: using the first (or prominent) interval of the tune to help us hear and be able to sing and identify all of the simple intervals.

Using Familiar Tunes for Interval Recognition


Minor 2nd: Jaws (shark theme), White Christmas

Major 2nd: Happy Birthday, Frere Jacques, Doe a Deer, Silent Night

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