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After the Music Dies
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Author: David M. Rubin
A vision of musical life after the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra

..................................In every crisis, however, there is opportunity, and that is true here. There is a future for classical music in Central New York; that future is first and foremost in the hands of the musicians. If there are no musicians, there is no music. Step One requires a committed core of musicians from the SSO who want to remain in Syracuse and earn a living playing their instruments.

This group must be willing to jettison the union mentality of the old SSO and take control of their destiny. They must make the next musical organization their own. They will call the shots and live with the consequences. There will be no board (unless the musicians want one) and no union. If they want management help, they will recruit it.

The community has a major responsibility, too. It must offer enough work to these musicians, so they can make a decent living here. Cities and counties must hire them for summer and holiday concerts and for special events. Club owners must give them..............

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