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Andrew Lloyd Webber, "A Classical Tribute"
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Author: Mary Kunz Goldman
Bufallo News, Sunday, May 4, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber, A Classical Tribute” (Decca Universal). Just when you think it’s not possible for Andrew Lloyd Webber songs to be more overblown than you’ve already heard them, along comes this album, which features — are you sitting down? — Bryn Terfel and an overwrought Renee Fleming belting out “All I Ask Of You.” The concluding “Anywhere you go, let me go too” bursts on you like a bomb. It’s unbelievable. Then there’s a key change. I had to hear it all over again, to make sure I didn’t dream it. What else is on here? We’ve got Jose Carreras warbling “Memories” as only one of the Three Tenors can warble. And Sissel singing “Pie Jesu” — her high soprano is fun to hear, the way it’s fun to watch a trapeze artist. With the exception of “Close Every Door,” an appealing sort of Renaissance Muzak, the demure instrumentals featuring Julian Lloyd Webber on cello were a disappointment — you want more big vocals for “I Don’t Know How To Love You” and “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.” It’s all corny as heck, but you have to admire Andrew Lloyd Webber. His music just gets bigger and bigger. ★★ 1/2 (Mary Kunz Goldman)

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