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A First Experience with Opera
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Art for All: My First Experience with Opera

by Kelsey May

Posted May 29, 2015

“It’s like watching a foreign film,” I thought. “I have to keep switching my attention between conversation and context.” The English translation of Tosca flashed across a rolling screen half as wide as the stage, perched as high as the curtain could reach. It seemed like a rolling digital advertisement, but instead of being used for commercial sales promotions, it advertised the gorgeous interpretation of every nuanced mood and passing whim. Tosca, played by Alexandra LoBianco, fascinated me with her subtle movements and soaring vocals.

I attended my first opera last week at Opera Grand Rapids in West Michigan. I was one of several hundred participants in a unique dress rehearsal experience which opened up the doors of the performance hall to area students at no cost to attendees. This was the first time that I, and many other audience members, had ever seen an opera, and my experience was one of amazement and thankfulness.


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