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All children should be exposed to classical music
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whether they like it or not, says Nicola Benedetti


All children should have the chance to be exposed to classical music, even if they'd rather play video games, Nicola Benedetti says

3:31PM BST 10 May 2015

All children should be compelled to learn about classical music in the same way they must do math and science, Nicola Benedetti has argued.

Benedetti, the award-winning violinist, said all youngsters should be exposed to classical music, whether they like it or not.

Saying the concept of letting children do exactly what they want in other areas of education is “alien”, she admitted she is “bemused” by the current approach to teaching art and culture.

“It actually really upsets me when people say: ‘Kids hate listening to a symphony, why would we do that to them?’” she said, in an interview with Scotland on Sunday.


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