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Doctors at the Metropolitan Opera
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Doctors to Divas, Stagehands and Opera Lovers at the Met

Forty-five minutes before curtain on a Wednesday night in March, the soprano Diana Damrau was not sure she would be able to go on that night in the title role of Jules Massenet’s “Manon.”

Ms. Damrau had sent a text to the Metropolitan Opera’s doctor on call: “I have no voice.”

For the doctor, Jenny Cho, it was just another night at the opera. Calmly, Dr. Cho cooked up what she called an “inhalation concoction” and headed to the diva’s dressing room.

Would Ms. Damrau be able to perform?

“I’ve known her a long time,” Dr. Cho said. “She’ll sing through anything.”

That old cliché “Is there a doctor in the house?” is not likely to be heard at the Met.


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