Social Media Marketing

Get the word out, but let us do the work.

Article created: 01?29?2013

Do you find the thought of managing your social media campaigns daunting and overwhleming? 

You know you must engage the public through social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, but you lack the staff and expertise to execute the task? is here to provide the solution.  Over the past 10 years, CMC has established itself as a leader in promoting all things related to classical music.  We have built a huge social media network via our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube outlets.  We have the experience, knowledge and reach to help your organization or company establish a powerful web presence.  We will do an analysis of your organization's needs, profile and mission and create a unique and comprehensive social media marketing campaign strategy.

Our services include:

Depending upon your location we can even add the filming and production of exclusive video content related to your business.


It is time to get serious about doing something about your social media campaigns.  Contact us today to disucss your social media strategy.