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A video lead commercial is the "gift that keeps on giving" with long term visibility of your brand or product to prospective clients.

Article created: 01?01?2012

It is difficult to know where to put your precious advertising dollars these days.  How do you know your ad is being seen and registering in the mind of your potential customer?  Then there is the issue of cost.  But, what if you could reach a highly targeted, motivated audience for pennies per person? has the solution.  Video commericals or "video leads" produce results.  You can place highly targeted video ads attached to premium classical music footage for as little as $250.

Here is how it works:

Your commercial is seen at the beginning of your selected videos forever (or at least as long as the internet exists as we know it today) and will be continuously viewed on a daily basis.   Can any other advertising medium promise the same?
Here are some examples of views of our current videos on the CMC YouTube Channel.  

Visit our YouTube channel and take a look around.


Let’s do the math:  For an average of 10,000 views, that works out to be a little as 5 cents/view and there are still 1,000s of views to come over the life of the posting.  In other words, the cost of this advertising decreases over time.
Don't have a video commercial ready? Not an issue. For just $200 we can make it for you.  Simply provide high resolution photos and text.

Bonus: 10% of your fee is returned to the non-profit that sponsored the event that was filmed, in the name of your company.

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