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Article created: 12?31?2011

CMC Classified ads are a great way to tell the world about your upcoming performances, services you offer (instrument repair, wedding music), products (recordings and sheet music) you want to sell, auditions or jobs that need to be filled in the classical music industry.  Best of all, you can post ads absolutely free.

Classified ads appear to site visitors in "slider boxes."  When they click on the title or image, they are taken to a details page.


The following are available on the details page of every ad you create.

For an additional fee, ads can be given priority placement on the home (splash) page and/or within a main category or sub-category.   Ads can also be highlighted.




Creating classified ads is "self-service" and simple.  Just click here then create an account with just your username, email and password.  Once you are logged into your account, it takes only about 1-2 min. to create each classified.   



Classified ads can be placed in main categories and sub-categories* as follows:


EVENTS: (main category)

Sub-Categories: Concerts, Recitals, Festivals, Workshops, Masterclasses, Institutes, Conferences, Classes


JOBS:  (main category)

Sub-Categories: Arts administration, Accompanists, Instrument Technology, Library Science, Box Office, Internships, Teaching


AUDITIONS: (main category) 

Sub-Categories: All instruments, voices, orchestra, band, choir, opera, conducting.


SERVICES:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: Instrument repair, piano tuning and moving, recording, financial, educational, travel, health and wellness, etc.


MARKETPLACE:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: buy or sell instruments, uniforms, music stands, lighting, recording equipment, recordings (MP3/CD), DVDs,


SHEET MUSIC:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: Buy or sell sheet music for all genres and instruments.  Categorized by conductor, solo artists, major ensembles, etc.


PERSONALS:  (main category) 

Sub-Categories: Announce appointments, competition winners, premiers, find chamber music and concert companions, post obituaries.

*This is just a quick reference of a few of the hundreds of sub-categories available.  Complete lists are available upon request.


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