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Don Quixote
Cincinnati Symphony

TELEMANN: Don Quixote Suite
R. STRAUSSDon Quixote

Fabled windmill-fighting knight Don Quixote inspires music of adventure and passion. Strauss' homage employs solo cello and viola along with a full orchestra (including a wind machine!) to depict Cervantes' colorful characters. CSO Principal Violist Christian Colberg performs his own Viola Concerto, which also traces the fantasies and triumphs of the chivalrous Spanish knight.

This concert is part of Series 3.

Get inside the minds of composers and to the heart of the music with Classical Conversations, one hour before Friday, Saturday and Sunday Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra subscription concerts.

Concert Duration: Approx. 2 hours, 5 minutes with intermission.

Venue: Music Hall

Soloist(s): Christian Colberg

City: Cincinnati

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