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Music Beginners Guide

Jane Moyer
Music Beginners Guide

Curtains?: The Future of the Arts in America

Michael Kaiser

Practice Perfect

42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better
Price: $8.99 up

Making Practice Perfect

The Success Factor in Piano Teaching
success factor in piano teaching

The Music Parents' Survival Guide

A Parent-to-Parent Conversation

Call Me Debbie

True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva

My First Classical Music Book

by Genevieve Helsby
First Classical Music Book
Price: $6.88 up

Women Composers of Classical Music

369 Biographies Through the Mid-20th Century
women composers
Price: $16.49 up

Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph

Jan Swafford
Beethoven biography

Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven

John Eliot Gardiner
Bach Biography

El Sistema: Orchestrating Venezuela's Youth

El Sistema
Price: $28.00

The Black Horn

The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee Watt
Robert Lee Watt
Price: $64.12

Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown
Talent Code
Price: $11.84

Finding Flow

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Finding Flow
Price: $8.24

One Thousand Recordings to Hear Before You Die

1,000 recordings
Price: $9.99

Jazz Violin and Harmony Handbook

Christian Howes
Jazz Violin and Harmony Handbook
Price: $9.99

Man with the Violin

Why is Nobody Listening?
Man with the Violin

The Way They Play

Volume 9
The Way They Play
Price: $87.77 up

Stravinsky: Discoveries and Memories

By Robert Craft: confidant to Stravinsky
Price: $14.99

The Violin: A Social History

David Schoenbaum
The Violin
Price: $19.99

The Devil to Play

Year-Long Quest to Master the Orchestra's Most Difficult Instrument
Devil to Play
Price: $8.89

The Romantic Generation

Charles Rosen
Romantic Generation
Price: $21.00

The Classical Style

Charles Rosen
The Classical Style
Price: $16.47

Science and Music

Sir James Jeans
Science and Music
Price: $4.99 up

Math and Music: Harmonious Connections

Garland and Kahn
math and music
Price: $17.88 up

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