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Oboe: Vento 800 Series

Model 8906
Venti Oboe
Price: $995.00

Nickel Plated Flute

Mendini Closed Hole C
Price: $99.45

Emerald Oboe Reed

Medium Soft
oboe reed
Price: $8.82

Hutchen Clarinet

with hardshell case
Hutchin clarinet
Price: $219.99

B flat Clarinet Reeds

Price: $17.69 up

Rico Reserve Reeds

Price: $13.69 up

Yamaha Professional Flute

Yamaha Flute
Price: $4,762

Oboe d'Amore

Patricola Standard
Price: $6,450

Eb Alto Saxophone with Case

LJ Hutchen, 2 year warranty
Price: $369.99

Flute with Case and Accessories - Silver Plated

Vinci by Washburn VFSP
Price: $139.99 up

Soprano Recorder, English

Price: $8.96

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