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Man with the Violin

Why is Nobody Listening?
Man with the Violin

My First Classical Music Book

Colorful introduction to classical music
First Classical Music Book
Price: $7.77 up

The Nutcracker Backstage: The Story and the Magic

MyPadMedia Membership

IPad Downloads
Price: $49.95

Live's of the Musicians

Good Times, Bad Times
Price: $3.25 up

Fiona the Flute Fairy

Children's book
Price: $3.84 up

Lemony Snicket, The Composer is Dead

The latest in the Lemony Snicket Series
Price: $11.73 up

The Story of the Orchestra

Robert Levine, Meredith Hamilton
Price: $10.94 used

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Moss, Priceman
Price: $1.11 up

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The World's Greatest Composers
Price: $3.00 up

Meet the Orchestra

Hayes, Thompson
Price: $.90 up

Carnival of the Animals

Turner, Saint-Saens
Carnival of the Animals
Price: $15.78

Can You Hear It?

William Lach
Price: $13.36 up

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