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Music Beginners Guide

Jane Moyer
Music Beginners Guide

Curtains?: The Future of the Arts in America

Michael Kaiser

Making Practice Perfect

The Success Factor in Piano Teaching
success factor in piano teaching

The Music Parents' Survival Guide

A Parent-to-Parent Conversation

Call Me Debbie

True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva

Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph

Jan Swafford
Beethoven biography

Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven

John Eliot Gardiner
Bach Biography

Young Musician's Survival Guide

Amy Nathan
Young Musicians Guide
Price: $9.59

Hallelujah Junction

by John Adams
Price: $16.34 & Up

Il Divo: Our Music, Our Journey, Our Words

Price: $17.99 & Up

Helping Parent's Practice

Edmund Sprunger
Helping Parents Practice
Price: $20.00

What to Listen for in Music

Aaron Copland
Price: $3.50 used

Leonard Bernstein

B Bernstein, Haws
Price: $17.60 used

Classical Music for Dummies

Pogue, Speck, Dicterow
Price: $5.20 used

NPR Encylopedia

Classical Music
Price: $7.19 used


Natelson, Cumpiano
Price: $11.00 used

Silence, Lectures and Writings

John Cage
Price: $14.50 used

Penguin Guide

Recorded Classical Music
Price: $15.51 up

Music at the Limits

Philosophy, Social Criticism, and the Arts
Price: $15.86 up

Self Healing with Sounds and Music

Price: $8.88 up

NPR Guide. Classical CD Collection

350 Essential Works
Price: $.99 up

The Rest is Noise

Alex Ross
Price: $9.99

Perfect Wrong Note

Learning to Trust Your Musical Self
Perfect Wrong Note
Price: $9.99

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