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Educational Materials

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Chord Level Challenges

Music Theory Materials
Price: $Free

Beethoven Code

Crack the codes to explore the lives of famous composers
Beethoven Code
Price: $14.95

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Mirado Black Warrior Pencil

No. 2
Price: $6.76 2 doz

Music Theory Chart

Price: $8.95

Elements of Music Poster Set

Price: $8.95

Guitar Chord Charts

Price: $8.01 up

Transposing Charts

Price: $9.77 up

Piano Certificate Awards

Packet of 25
Price: $38.99

Music Award Certificates

Packet of 30
Price: $15.63

Stars and Stripes Music Medals

Price: $1.90

Set of 100 Music Medals

Price: $125.00

Music Trophy

Price: $6.98

Award Pin

Price: $2.59

Silver Music Award Medal

Price: $2.29

Music Trophy

Price: $8.75

Music Achievement Awards

Packet of 30
Price: $6.95

Music Award Certificate

Packet of 30
Price: $5.29


Card Game
Price: $3.50 up

Violin Wall Chart

by Martin Norgaard
Price: $5.99 up

Chord Wheel Book

Ultimate Tool
Price: $10.17 up

Color Coded Flash Cards

Price: $3.01 up

Voices, A Teacher's Guide

Civil Rights Curriculum for Chorus
Price: $15 up

Instrument Learning Cards

24 pack, 6 X 9
Price: $8.99

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