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Dharma at Big Sur
John Adams, composer
Dharma at Big Sur and I Remember Charles Ives by John Adams.

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This is a splendid addition to the Adams discography, one that follows him from New England to California. Dharma at Big Sur is a concerto for electric violin. It begins by evoking the West's sun and easy living, but this is more than a musical piece of nature-painting. It rambles ambiently for a while before landing in an Indian raga, jazzy mode and ends with a type of heavenly good-naturedness. The electric violin is played by Tracy Silverman; a sixth string allows for the sonorous tones of the cello. The other work, presented on a second CD (so as to avoid culture shock?) is My Father knew Charles Ives, which, while apparently untrue, lets us know that Ives's New England sound and his wacky one-on-top-of-the-other methods will be found here, and, indeed, they are. It pays homage to some of Ives's music (the trumpet from his "The Unanswered Question" is clear here), but more than that, in its various sections ("The Lake;" "The Mountain") it evokes the nature of New England as picturesquely as Ives does, and parallels Adams's California in Dharma A pair of fascinating works, at times a bit thorny, but well worth it. --Robert Levine

Composer(s), last name only: Adams

Conductor(s), last name only: Adams

Repertoire: The Dharma at Big Sur

Soloist(s): Bill Houghton, Tracy Silverman

Time Period: Contemporary, Alternative Styles

Genre: Orchestra

Ensemble : BBC Symphony Orchestra

Vendor: Amazon

Format: MP3 Download, CD

Year of Release: 2006

Repertoire: My Father Knew Charles Ives

Featured Solo String Instruments: Violin

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