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Baroque Music: 25 Favorites

Enjoy some of the greatest hits of the Baroque, includes Pachelbel Canon, Bach's Air on the G String, Vivaldi's Seasons and more


1. Canon
2. Concerto In D Minor For 2 Oboes & Strings, Op. 42, No. 2: I. Largo
3. Water Music: VI. Minuet
4. Trumpet Concerto In D: II. Adagio
5. Sarabande
6. Oboe Concerto In D Minor: II. Adagio
7. Concerto In D For Trumpet & Strings: III. Grave
8. Air On The G String
9. Adagio For Strings In G Minor
10. The Four Seasons: Spring, II. Largo
11. Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, BWV 1049: II. Andante
12. Concerto In D For 2 Trumpets & Strings: II. Largo
13. Concerto Grosso In D Minor, Op.3 No. 11: I. Allegro
14. Concerto In D For 6 Trumpets & Strings: II. Adagio
15. Ombra mai fu: Handel's Largo
16. Trumpet Sonata No. 1 In F: II. Grave
17. Suite In F Major For Horn, 2 Oboes & Strings: III. Der Alster Echo
18. Concerto In C For Viola Pomposa & Strings: II. Andante
19. Concerto In D For Trumpet, 2 Violins, Viola, Basso & Continuo: I. Allegro
20. Hapsichord Concerto In G Minor, BWV 1058: First Mvt.
21. Sonata For Trumpet & Strings: I. Allegro
22. Concerto Grosso No. 5 In D, Op. 6: I. Larghetto
23. Concerto in D for Trumpet, 2 Oboes, Strings & Continuo: I. Allegro
24. Concerto grosso In G Minor, Op. 6 No. 8: II. Allegro
25. Trumpet Voluntary

Composer(s), last name only: Albinoni, Bach, Baldassare, Charpentier, Clarke, Corelli, Fasch, Handel, Onofrio Manfredini, Alessandro Marcello, Johann Pachelbel, Etc.

Conductor(s), last name only: Alberto Lizzio, Philip Gibson, Piero Santi, Dieter Kober, Gunter Kehr, Frank Shipway, Karel Brazda, Jorg Faerber, Etc.

Repertoire: 25 Baroque Favorites

Music Family: Strings-bowed

Soloist(s): A. Caroldi, A. Alvarosi, Heinz Zickler, Helmut Hucke, Heinz Zickler, Douglas Haas, Alexander Pervomaysky, Helmut Schneidewind, Wolfgang Pasch, Etc.

Time Period: Baroque

Genre: Chamber Music, Orchestra

Ensemble : London Symphony Orchestra, Mainz Chamber Orchestra, Southwest German Chamber Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Baroque Festival Orchestra, Slavonica Philharmonia

Vendor: Amazon

Format: CD

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