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Music Beginners Guide
Jane Moyer

Do you want music in your life or your child’s life? This book will help you get off to a good musical start. It provides guidance on:

  • When to start music lessons
  • Establishing motivating musical goals
  • How to decide which instrument to learn first
  • Popular first instrument choices
  • Shopping for your instrument
  • How to find the best teacher or music learning program for you
  • How to get the most out of lessons and practice
  • Performing with confidence
  • How to keep progressing musically
  • How to be an effective music parent

Music has always been an important part of author Jane Moyer’s life. After laying a strong foundation in classical music by earning a Bachelor of Music degree, she expanded her musical life by exploring jazz and playing folk music out in the real world. Jane has played many musical roles — from formally-taught to self-taught music student, performer, teacher, arranger, accompanist, ensemble member, music spouse and parent. She’s learned to play ten different musical instruments and takes used instruments into her home as others might take in stray cats.





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