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Chord Level Challenges
Music Theory Materials

Each pdf below includes:

  1. The challenge summary sheet with stars for keeping track of which chords have been covered so far.
  2. Worksheets for the student to fill in the chords they are learning on the treble clef, bass clef and keyboard diagrams.
  3. A full set of flashcards for the chord level (when printing these two-sided make sure you choose “long edge binding” as that’s the way they’ve been set up). The text side of the flashcards include a little decorative border to match the challenge level, so they’re nice and easy to sort and identify.


The Five Levels

(Click on the titles to download the pdf.)

Reward Stickers

But wait! How will you reward your students when they complete a challenge level? One way I’m doing this is with custom stickers, which they can use to decorate their assignment folders (and show-off their achievements a little!). I got my stickers printed at moo.com, but I’m sure you can print them at home or get your local printers to do it.

Chord level stickers preview

Click here to download the Chord Challenge Reward Stickers. You can also download coordinating stickers for the Scale Challenges and 60 Second Challenge.


More great materials can be found at http://dublinpianolessons.com/

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