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Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas
Claude Frank

Claude Frank recorded these sonatas in, if memory serves, the late 1960s and when they first came out they were greeted with much praise. Not only that, they were mid-priced even back then. They were the first complete Beethoven sonatas recorded by an American. Now they appear on CD and are budget-priced. Frank, who studied with Artur Schnabel (as well as being father of violinist Pamela Frank and husband of the late pianist Lilian Kallir) is one whose technique does not call attention to itself. What one hears in this set are closely studied performances that do not try to grab one's attention by odd dynamics, tempi or phrasing. They are, in fact, rather close in approach to that of Schnabel, but without the ancient sound and missed notes. His approach is rather gentler than some; he seems attuned to Beethoven's lyricism more than some. 


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Claude Frank Recordings

Composer(s), last name only: Beethoven

Repertoire: Piano Sonatas

Music Family: Keyboard

Soloist(s): Claude Frank

Time Period: Romantic

Vendor: Amazon, iTunes

Format: MP3 Download, CD

Featured Solo Keyboard Instruments: Piano

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