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Ernst Bacon: The Complete Works for Solo Guitar
Bradley Colten

Released on September 30, 2014.  

Mr. Bacon's work is remarkably pure in its expressive intent. It communicates its meaning with a straightforward and touching humanity. It is not got up with chromium-plated cadenzas or lace-curtain-like instrumental figurations. But it is full of melody and variety. It is honest and skillful and beautiful. -- Virgil Thomson, New York Herald Tribune, March 4, 1946.
American composer Ernst Bacon was born in Chicago on May 26, 1898. A recipient of three Guggenheim Fellowships and a Pulitzer Award for his First Symphony, his body of works includes symphonies, piano concertos, chamber music, ballets, and more than 250 songs, as well as several books about music. Bacon's music reflects the dual heritage of his Austrian mother and American father. While influenced by the 19th century classical tradition of Schubert and Brahms, it also reveals the strength and vitality of his American roots.

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Composer(s), last name only: Bacon

Music Family: Strings-plucked

Soloist(s): Bradley Colten

Time Period: Early 20th Century

Genre: Solo Instrumental

Ensemble : Solo Guitar

Vendor: Amazon, iTunes

Format: MP3 Download, CD

Year of Release: 2014

Featured Solo String Instruments: Guitar

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