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New Year's Concert 2001
Vienna Philharmonic

New Year's Concert 2001

Nikolaus Harnoncourt is known for his provocative interpretations of the heavy end of the repertoire, but he really gets into the spirit of these enchanting waltzes, polkas, and marches. Of course, he's got the Vienna Philharmonic here and no orchestra can match them in this music; their delicious winds and silky strings are irresistible. Under Harnoncourt, the music really takes wing--the band gets down and dirty at the beginning of the Night in Venice overture, revels in the twittering bird passages of Josef Strauss's Dorfschwalben aud Osterreich, and delivers marvels of sugared string tone throughout. A bonus disc of encores includes the exemplar of all Viennese waltzes, Johann Strauss II's Blue Danube, played to perfection. Alongside such familiar favorites are many delightful novelties that will be new to even the most devoted waltz fan. Brilliant, lifelike sound adds to the appeal of a disc that will captivate even those who think they're immune to high-caloric repertoire. --Dan Davis

Conductor(s), last name only: Harnoncourt

Genre: Orchestra

Ensemble : Vienna Philharmonic

Vendor: Amazon

Format: MP3 Download, CD

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