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Montessori Music
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It`s not at all an easy thing to learn to play music. Sure, there are the prodigies out there, but not everybody can stand those boring and tough music lessons, and shaking a plastic guitar in a rhythm-based videogame is fun but it`s just not the same. But now with Music, a edutainment game for the Nintendo DS , you could learn and play music in a fun and easy way. Music brings a serious music learning method to DS, developed by Shiro Tsuji, a famous Japanese music teacher. Learning music at any age is now possible with just a Nintendo DS.


  • Six different modes, including lessons, performance and terminology, ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable
  • Over 20 lessons designed to teach music to players of all ages
  • More than 60 performable classical music songs help facilitate the learning process
  • Built-in calendar tracks progress, training results and learning curve day by day
  • Emphasis on using a simple lexicon to help players understand key music vocabulary
  • Chord sheet mode helps players learn how to play the guitar and piano
  • Four challenging stylus-based mini-games help players develop a sense of rhythm and coordination in addition to an ear for music

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