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Aquitania: Christmas Music

In CD Format

in MP3 Format

Aquitania: Christmas Music from Aquitanian Monasteries

(12th Century)

  • Performer: Sequentia
  • Audio CD (October 14, 1997)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: BMG
  • ASIN: B000001TZQ
  • In-Print Editions: MP3 Download

Aquitania was a rich part of the medieval world. It was the land of the troubadours and of the admirable liturgical chants. It was the world of the first medieval troubadour, Guilhelm IX, Duke of Aquitania and grandfather of Eleanor, the powerful queen. This CD evokes this legendary place, its myths and its art of the 12th century. All the CDs of Sequentia are marvellous. Words are not enough of describing the sensitive work of this ensemble. I have heard Dante and the Troubadours, Aquitania, with Christmas Music from Aquitanian monasteries and Shining Light. These three CDs give us a powerful view of the aquitanian spirit. I feel the vibrant culture of that part of a medieval world, when I am listening the troubadours songs and the music from aquitanian monasteries performed by Sequentia.

Music Family: Voice

Time Period: Medieval

Genre: Choral

Ensemble : Sequentia

Vendor: Amazon

Format: MP3 Download, CD

Year of Release: 1999

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