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Richmond Symphony
Chorus Auditions

Chorus Auditions

Auditions for new Chorus members are typically held in the summer for some or all voice parts.

Our process is to send applications to our prospects and then select those individuals we wish to hear.  In the past, we have sent a short chorale to be learned ahead of time.  During the audition, we listen to the individual sing the chorale with a quartet of our section leaders, and then use vocal exercises to check the singer's range and ability to hear intervals.  We may also include a rhythm exercise.  Each audition runs about 10 minutes; for reasons of time constraints, we ask that solos not be prepared.

If you are interested in being considered for an audition, email bbaker@richmondsymphony.com  and provide the following:

Phone number
What voice part you typically sing
Recent choral singing experience

We will add your name to the prospect list and notify you when we set the next audition date for your voice part.

Phone: (804) 788-1541, FAX

Application Due Date: Summer

Audition Date(s): Summer

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